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What is the Cost of Invisalign®?

Total Cost For Invisalign® $4,300

This includes:

  • All Clear Aligners
  • All Ortho Exams
  • All Digital Scans
  • Teeth  Whitening
  • 4 Vivera® Retainers.

Will dental insurance help with the cost of Invisalign®?

Many dental insurance policies have benefits to help cover Invisalign®.  These benefits usually range from $1,000 up to $3,000, and are called "Orthodontic Coverage".  This portion of your policy has a separate lifetime maximum from your regular annual benefits.  We recommend calling your insurance company prior to your consultation to find out the specifics of your coverage. A few good questions to ask them are:

  • Does my policy have orthodontia coverage?
  • Is there an age limitation on my orthodontia coverage?
  • How does my policy pay my provider for Invisalign?

Orthodontia coverage pays differently than regular dental benefits.  Typically, your insurance will pay a provider quarterly over 12-24 months, so you should make sure that your policy will be in effect for the duration of  payments by your insurance.  Any unpaid balances by insurances become the responsibility of the patient.

Southwind Dental Care offers 12 months of interest free financing for Invisalign®, that is catered to each individual depending on their specific insurance coverage.  Southwind Dental is also a CareCredit provider, which offers financing for Invisalign® as well.

Our Invisalign® Coordinators will be happy to discuss any financial questions you may have, and are happy to guide you through the process.  Typically, they will request a pre-determination from your insurance policy, which will provide specific orthodontia details. regarding your insurance coverage.

Using HSA OR FSA tax-free dollars to pay for Invisalign®

Yes, you can use your tax free dollars to pay for Invisalign®!  We take both Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Savings Accounts and forms of payment.  These are managed by your employer, so we recommend confirming with your benefits manager that your funds qualify for dental care prior to starting Invisalign®.

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