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Dentistry Memphis

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Timothy Messer Nov 03, 2019

The lifespan of dental crowns can vary. The team at Southwind Dental Care goes over how long these restorations last and how you can prolong…

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Sensitivity After Dental Crown Placement

Timothy Messer Oct 04, 2019

Tooth sensitivity after getting dental crowns is a common temporary side effect. Dr. Timothy Messer talks about patient aftercare and recovery.

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Factors That Affect Dental Implant Costs

Timothy Messer Jun 03, 2019

Factors that affect the cost of dental implants include the skill of the dentist and oral surgeon and the practice location. Let’s talk about price…

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How Champagne Affects Your Oral Health

Timothy Messer Jan 01, 2018

While a champagne toast on New Year's Eve is traditional, it can affect the health and appearance of your teeth. A dentist at Southwind Dental…

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The Stages of Gum Disease

Timothy Messer Nov 03, 2017

Let's take a closer look at the stages of gum disease and what treatments are available to restore oral health.

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What Are the Benefits of Tongue Scrapers?

Timothy Messer Oct 04, 2017

If your mouth doesn't feel fresh after brushing, a tongue scraper may help. Learn more about the benefits of tongue scrapers in this blog post.

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Aggressive Tooth Brushing and the Risk of Dental Damage

Timothy Messer Sep 05, 2017

Aggressive tooth brushing is dangerous to oral health. Find out more as we look at dental damage and aggressive tooth brushing.

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Dental Bridges: What the Procedure Involves

Timothy Messer Aug 09, 2017

Dental bridges are a great option for missing teeth. Let's go over this restorative dentistry procedure and what it entails.

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The Benefits of Porcelain Crowns: Tooth-Colored Restorative Work

Timothy Messer Jul 04, 2017

Porcelain dental crowns have many benefits for patients, with cosmetic and restorative advantages. Let's cover these advantages.

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Tough Breaks: Tooth Fracture Treatment Options

Timothy Messer Jun 03, 2017

There are different treatments for tooth fractures depending on the severity of the damage to the teeth. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry can be effective.

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I have been to several dentists in the Memphis Area and I have finally found THE ONE!! Dr. Messer is the best dentist I have ever been to. I have complete confidence in any procedure that he performs and I can't imagine ever going to any other dentist.

-Meredith Page B.