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Dentistry Memphis

Benefits of Oral Conscious Sedation: Relaxed Dentistry

Timothy Messer Feb 16, 2018

Oral conscious sedation offers patients a number of benefits. Let’s consider the advantages and effectiveness of anxiety-free dentistry treatments.

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How Champagne Affects Your Oral Health

Timothy Messer Jan 01, 2018

While a champagne toast on New Year's Eve is traditional, it can affect the health and appearance of your teeth. A dentist at Southwind Dental…

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A Brief History of Dentistry

Timothy Messer Dec 04, 2017

Dentistry has come along way since it's ancient beginnings. Find out how far as we take a brief look at the history of dentistry.

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What Are the Benefits of Tongue Scrapers?

Timothy Messer Oct 04, 2017

If your mouth doesn't feel fresh after brushing, a tongue scraper may help. Learn more about the benefits of tongue scrapers in this blog post.

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Aggressive Tooth Brushing and the Risk of Dental Damage

Timothy Messer Sep 05, 2017

Aggressive tooth brushing is dangerous to oral health. Find out more as we look at dental damage and aggressive tooth brushing.

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Eliminate Tooth Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Timothy Messer Apr 03, 2017

Patients experiencing tooth sensitivity to hot and cold can count on Dr. Timothy S. Messer to provide effective treatment and restore oral comfort.

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Treat Tooth Sensitivity and Chew in Comfort

Timothy Messer Feb 04, 2017

Dr. Timothy Messer helps patients strengthen their smile to eliminate tooth sensitivity while chewing.

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Dental Abfraction: What Is It and How Can It Be Treated?

Timothy Messer Jan 05, 2017

Dental abfraction is a common issue people face but not a term patients hear a lot. Let's go over the basics, including causes and treatment…

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Dental Care to Help Diabetics Maintain Good Oral Health

Timothy Messer May 03, 2016

Dr. Messer offers a comprehensive range of dental services that help diabetics maintain good oral health and prevent serious dental complications.

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What Is the Relationship between Dental Care and Heart Health?

Timothy Messer Apr 02, 2016

How is oral health connected to the health of your heart? Find out why general dentistry is essential to a healthy heart.

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