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Factors That Affect Dental Implant Costs

A woman at the dentist's officeIf you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, Dr. Timothy Messer and his team at Southwind Dental Care can help. Dental implants could be one of the best options for your needs. Our Memphis, TN practice uses dental implants to support crowns, bridges, and dentures, offering excellent stability and incredible smile aesthetics as well.

Dental implants are more expensive than removable bridges and dentures. This is due to the oral surgery required for treatment. There are other factors at play when it comes to the price of implant dentistry. We would like to discuss a few of these key factors in brief below.

The Number of Dental Implants Needed

If you need more dental implants, it’s most likely going to cost more money. This is logical given the additional oral surgery and materials required as well as the nature of the procedure. A single implant-supported denture will generally be more affordable than a full set of upper and lower dentures supported by dental implants.

The Need for Bone or Gum Grafting

On the note of additional oral surgery, some patients may suffer from bone loss and gum recession as a result of tooth loss. This is a natural response by your body to the lack of teeth. Oral surgery can rebuild the lost hard and soft tissue, but it will increase the overall cost of getting dental implants. Patients will also experience a longer overall treatment time as a result of these additional procedures.

The Location of the Dental Practice

Location can make a difference in so many aspects of life. This include dental care services. When cities have a higher cost of living, the cost of dental surgery tends to increase. Here in Memphis, for instance, the cost of dental implants and oral surgery tends to be lower than it would be in New York or San Francisco.

The Experience of the Oral Surgeons and Dentists

Dentists and oral surgeons who have years of expertise and good reputations tend to charge more for their work. This explains why discounted dental procedures are offered at dental schools; the experience gap is considerable. With this in mind, it’s not always the case that the most expensive dentist or oral surgeon is the best one. As you comparison shop, find testimonials and online reviews of the dentist, oral surgeon, and/or dental practice.

Promotions Specific to Individual Dental Practices

Sometimes a dental practice will offer deals and discounts for advanced dental work. This attracts new patients and may incentivize them to undergo major treatments they’ve been considering.

Financing Options and Payment Plans

Since the cost of dental implants can be quite high, our Memphis dentistry center offers patients reasonable payment plans and financing options. This can help put a healthy smile within reach. We’d be more than happy to discuss pricing and monthly installment arrangements in greater detail during your visit.

Learn More About Implant Dentistry

To learn more about dental implants and why they may be right for you, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic and restorative dentist. The Southwind Dental Care team can be reached by phone at (901) 751-1260.

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I have been to several dentists in the Memphis Area and I have finally found THE ONE!! Dr. Messer is the best dentist I have ever been to. I have complete confidence in any procedure that he performs and I can't imagine ever going to any other dentist.

-Meredith Page B.