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Dentistry Memphis

Emergency Dental Care: When to Seek Immediate Treatment

A patient experiencing dental painIf you are suffering from a dental emergency, such as a painful toothache, abscess, or loose tooth, contact Southwind Dental Care in Memphis, TN immediately to schedule an emergency dental care appointment. Dr. Timothy S. Messer and our team offer general and restorative services to diagnose and treat your dental condition.

Dental emergencies can be alarming and painful. Knowing what constitutes an urgent dental emergency and what can wait is helpful when it’s after hours.

What’s Considered an Emergency?

Some of the common dental emergencies include:

  • Constant bleeding
  • A loose or knocked-out tooth
  • A chipped or cracked tooth
  • Significant jaw injury
  • Unexplained swelling
  • Severe toothaches

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, try to remain calm and contact our office immediately. In cases of extreme pain, please visit the emergency room.

Knowing how to handle a dental emergency can mean the difference between saving or losing the tooth. It can also prevent further damage.

Managing a Dental Emergency at Home

Knowing how to handle a dental emergency in advance can provide peace of mind when an actual emergency happens.

A Knocked-out Tooth: If you’re able to, place the tooth back in the socket. Try to do this without touching the root with your fingers. It’s important to keep the tooth wet at all times. If you are unable to secure the tooth back in the socket, place the tooth in a container of milk, water, or your own saliva. Applying a cold compress on the jaw can reduce any swelling or bleeding. Creating a mouthwash with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in hot water can also relieve irritation, pain, and swelling.

A Cracked or Chipped Tooth: Rinse the tooth immediately with warm water. Apply ice packs on the face to reduce the swelling and numb any discomfort. A warm saltwater mouthwash can also help in this instance, as well.

A Painful and Infected Tooth:  Take an over-the-counter pain reliever and contact our office immediately to schedule an appointment. Do not try to treat the infection on your own, as this could lead to further discomfort and long-term ramifications.

Broken Jaw or Jaw Pain: Apply ice packs immediately to prevent swelling and reduce pain. Refrain from consuming all solid foods until you have been seen by a doctor or dentist. Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever can also help reduce discomfort.

What’s Not Considered a Dental Emergency?

If one of the below scenarios occurs, you can rest assured your health is not at immediate risk, but you should still schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible:

  • Loose crown, filling, or bridge
  • Broken restoration
  • Slightly chipped or cracked tooth
  • Damaged night guard or orthodontics
  • Dull toothache

Contact an Emergency Dentist Today

Knowing how to handle a dental emergency can mean the difference between saving or losing the tooth, and also prevent further damage. Familiarizing yourself with these tips will be helpful should an emergency arise.

Dr. Messer and our team are passionate about reducing discomfort in emergency situations. If you are currently experiencing a dental emergency, please contact our office immediately online or by calling 901-751-1260.

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