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Improve Your Smile at Your Convenience with Take Home Teeth Whitening

Photo of teeth whitening syringes and bleaching trays on wooden surfaceDoes your smile need a boost? Are your teeth lacking that brilliant sheen? The standard American diet consists of staining agents that can discolor the teeth, leaving your smile looking discolored or yellowed. 

Fortunately, Dr. Timothy S. Messer offers in-office and take-home teeth whitening options at Southwind Dental Care in Memphis, TN so you can brighten your smile at your convenience. Here, we explore how dentist-supervised take-home teeth whitening can deliver professional results in just a couple of weeks.

Benefits of Take-home Teeth Whitening

For some patients, receiving an in-office teeth whitening procedure may seem the best way to go. After all, you can spend about one hour at our office and leave with an instantaneously whiter smile. However, many individuals prefer to whiten their teeth in their own homes for added convenience and comfort. 

Take-home teeth whitening is typically more affordable than an in-office treatment. The whitening gel is also less concentrated, which means it does not cause the level of tooth and gum sensitivity that in-office treatments can. 

Even though the hydrogen peroxide gel is a lower strength, you can still achieve the same brilliant results. It will simply take a couple of weeks as opposed to one hour. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Dr. Messer can speak with you to help you determine which teeth whitening option is most appropriate for your needs and lifestyle.

Who Is a Candidate for Take-home Teeth Whitening?

Essentially, any patient who desires a lighter, brighter, more dazzling smile is eligible for professional teeth whitening. However, it is important to note that all cosmetic procedures should be reserved for patients with healthy teeth and gums. Therefore, if you have cavities or periodontal disease, these issues should be addressed prior to teeth whitening, as oral infection can impede the long-lasting success of your treatments. 

Take-home Teeth Whitening: Treatment Process

When you choose take-home teeth whitening at Southwind Dental Care, the first thing we will do is take impressions of your teeth. These will be necessary in order to fabricate a set of custom bleaching trays. 

Once the trays have been made, you will administer a small portion of the whitening gel into them before inserting them in your mouth. While in place, the oxygen molecules in the gel will penetrate your teeth and actively break apart the bonds that create stains. 

The amount of time necessary to whiten your teeth at home will largely depend on the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide gel. While some patients will wear their trays overnight, others will only need to wear them twice a day for 30 minutes. Most individuals begin seeing subtle results within a few days, with full desired results occurring after about two weeks. 

Dentist-supervised Teeth Whitening vs. Store-Bought Products

When it comes to teeth whitening products, one thing is sure: You are not likely to run out of options. Today, nearly every pharmacy, grocery, and department store in the United States sells over-the-counter whitening products. 

From pastes to strips to rinses, many of these products achieve noticeable results. However, it is important to understand that they may also cause damage to your enamel. That is why dentist-supervised treatments are preferable. If you must choose a store-bought product, make sure it has the ADA Seal of Acceptance for safety and efficacy.

Learn More about Take-home Teeth Whitening

If you are interested in a dramatically brighter smile, schedule an appointment at our practice. We can help establish which teeth whitening option would best serve your needs. Call us at (901) 751-1260 or contact us online anytime.

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