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Treatment Options for Teeth That Are Chipped

A chipped tooth before and after photoA chipped tooth is more than just an aesthetic flaw. Even a minor chip should be taken seriously given how it can impact your overall dental health. We always remind patients of this at Southwind Dental Care, and offer some of the most advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments in Memphis to address these issues.

A chip in the tooth can make the possibility to a broken tooth more likely. This chip may be a sign of weakened tooth structure, and further biting and chewing with a chipped tooth can result in further damage. If left untreated, a tooth may break or fall out. Thankfully there are many different dental restorations available to address these matters.

Dental Bonding for Minor Chips

Dental bonding is performed in order to address very small chips and cracks on the teeth that are predominantly cosmetic in nature. The bonding material is a tooth-colored resin that is painted directly onto the damaged portion of the tooth. The resin is applied in layers in order to ensure the strongest possible restoration on the damaged portion of the tooth.

Porcelain Veneers for Serious Cosmetic Chips

For more serious chips that are still predominantly cosmetic in nature, the ideal option to consider is a porcelain veneer. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of dental ceramic that are affixed to the front portions of a person's teeth. When in place, the veneer entirely conceals the front of a tooth, masking a number of different aesthetic flaws, such as chips, cracks, stains, discoloration, gaps, and unevenness.

Inlays and Onlays for Severe Chips

Major chips can be addressed using inlays and onlays. These are dental restorations that replace and cover a large section of damaged tooth structure. Inlays and onlays are sturdy and strong, and they are even able to restore the biting surfaces (cusps) of the teeth.

Major Chips Can Be Treated with Dental Crowns

If a tooth is seriously damaged, the best option for treatment is sometimes a dental crown. Dental crowns are caps that fit over the remaining structure of a damaged tooth. The crown will protect the tooth from further harm and also restore a patient's ability to bite and chew as they normally would.

Tooth Extraction As a Last Resort

Sometimes a chip may be so severe that the only viable option for treatment is extraction. Keep in mind that this is only considered when the chip has seriously damaged a tooth and no other restorative measures are deemed ideal. If you do require tooth extraction, our team can discuss options for replacing the missing tooth with you in more detail during a consultation.

Tips for Preventing Chipped Teeth

To prevent chipping your teeth, consider the following preventative measures:

  • Brush and floss regularly to keep your teeth healthy and strong
  • Eat a balanced diet to ensure your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs
  • Wear mouth protection when engaging in combat or contact sports
  • Wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or bike
  • Avoid biting and chewing on hard objects (pen caps, fingernails)
  • Do not use your teeth to open packaging

Get In Touch with Dr. Timothy Messer

For more information about your treatment options for chipped teeth and how to make your smile look its very best, be sure to contact our advanced dental care center today. The entire team here at Southwind Dental Care looks forward to your visit and helping you achieve great dental health.

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