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Dentistry Memphis

Dental Mouth Guards Can Protect the Teeth and Improve Oral Health

Hand holding a dental mouth guardThere are many habits, activities, and injuries that can cause significant damage to the teeth. Over time, or when an injury is severe, this can weaken the teeth, compromise the structure of the teeth, and cause physical pain, making oral functions difficult or uncomfortable. While porcelain crowns can restore a tooth that has experienced this type of damage, in many cases, the need for treatment could have been avoided had a dental mouth guard been in place. Dr. Timothy S. Messer often recommends to his Memphis patients the use of dental mouth guards. It is because of their wide range of applications that so many of our patients are ideal mouth guard candidates.

Am I a Candidate?

Many people are unfamiliar with dental mouth guards and know them only as a piece of sporting equipment. Most are surprised to learn that there are many uses for dental mouth guards and that these pieces have a wide variety of dental applications. The following people may be ideal candidates for the use of a dental mouth guard:

  • Athletes: Dental mouth guards are extremely important to athletes. A mouth guard is an appliance that protects the teeth, lips, and tongue in the case that a blow or injury is sustained during athletic practice or events. While mouth guards are often worn during the play of high-impact sports, they can be beneficial to all types of athletes.
  • People who grind or clench the teeth: Teeth grinding and clenching is a habit that often takes place while one sleeps. Because of this, a person may not know they are clenching or grinding the teeth until signs of damage begin to show. When worn at night, dental mouth guards protect the teeth and prevent them from coming into contact with each other. This can help patients avoid the need for restorative dental work.
  • People with TMJ disorder: TMJ disorder is a condition that affects the jaw muscle that controls movement of the jaw. People who suffer from this condition may experience a variety of symptoms including lock-jaw, an inability to open the mouth wide, and frequent headaches. A dental mouth guard can keep the jaw in proper alignment and therefore, may relieve some of the symptoms of TMJ disorder.
  • Those with obstructive sleep apnea: Sleep apnea is a condition with many possible causes that may require treatment from a physician. However, in cases of obstructive sleep apnea, a mouth guard may aid in the treatment of this condition by keeping the jaw in proper position and ensuring that the airways remain unobstructed.

Choosing a Mouth Guard

There are several types of mouth guards available, including those that can be bought pre-formed at just about any athletic store. However, to benefit from the dental and health applications of mouth guards, it is important to achieve a proper fit. Dr. Messer offers his patients custom mouth guards that are made using molds and measurements of the patient’s teeth. This not only ensures the effectiveness of mouth guard use but also improves comfort.

Schedule an Appointment

Many people can benefit from the use of a dental mouth guard, whether as a form of protection or treatment. If you believe you may be a good candidate for a dental mouth guard, schedule an appointment with Dr. Messer at your earliest convenience. We hope to hear from you soon!

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