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Dentistry Memphis

The Advantages of Tooth-colored Dental Fillings

Memphis Tooth-colored Dental Fillings BenefitsRestorative dental work is vital to maintaining oral health and avoiding the development of more serious dental problems. However, at times the aesthetics of the teeth can be compromised by necessary dental treatments. Fillings and other restorations that are fabricated with metal stand out against the natural teeth and can even give a gray hue to surrounding teeth. Dr. Timothy Messer understands that for many patients, the aesthetics of the smile are just as important to them as their oral health. This is why, at Dr. Messer’s cosmetic dentistry practice, he offers restorative dental treatments that enhance rather than detract from the aesthetics of the smile. For instance, we offer our Memphis patients tooth-colored dental fillings as treatment for tooth decay.

In the past, patients who required dental fillings had no treatment option to consider other than metal dental fillings. Not only are metal amalgam fillings unattractive, but they also contain traces of mercury. While the mercury in amalgam fillings is considered to be safe, many patients prefer mercury-free restorations. Fortunately, advances in dental treatments now give patients the option of selecting tooth-colored dental fillings. Tooth-colored dental fillings, which are fabricated using a composite material, provide the same restoration and protection of traditional metal fillings, without creating an unattractive gray color at the center of the tooth. Patients who opt for tooth-colored fillings as opposed to metal fillings will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Tooth-colored fillings are an attractive restoration that blend in seamlessly with the natural teeth
  • Tooth-colored fillings are free of mercury and will not cause an allergic reaction as metal fillings sometimes do
  • Extra strength for the tooth, as the composite filling is bonded to the existing tooth enamel
  • Composite fillings erode more slowly than metal fillings do
  • Patients who receive tooth-colored fillings often report a decrease in tooth sensitivity
  • Tooth-colored fillings allow for filling additions to be made at a later date if necessary
  • Tooth-colored fillings seal off the tooth in order to seal out harmful bacteria and prevent further decay

Because of the many benefits of tooth-colored fillings, they are the preferred method of treatment for dental cavities for most of our patients. In addition to treating existing cavities using tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Messer can also replace existing metal fillings with composite fillings. By removing old metal fillings and replacing them with composite fillings, we allow patients to improve the appearance of the teeth and experience the many advantages of tooth-colored fillings.

Additional Treatments

When a dental cavity exists, tooth-colored fillings may be the ideal dental treatment. However, many patients require treatment for more advanced stages of tooth decay. In these cases, we offer a number of restorative treatments that will restore the strength of the tooth while enhancing the aesthetics of the smile, including dental crowns and dental implants.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are experiencing tooth decay and would like to treat the tooth without compromising the appearance of your smile, schedule an appointment with Dr. Timothy Messer to learn more about tooth-colored dental fillings. Composite fillings offer added strength and protection while enhancing the appearance of the smile.

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I have been to several dentists in the Memphis Area and I have finally found THE ONE!! Dr. Messer is the best dentist I have ever been to. I have complete confidence in any procedure that he performs and I can't imagine ever going to any other dentist.

-Meredith Page B.